Changing Times...

A Jackson Russell law clerk in 1865…
  • Arrive 7.15am and chop the wood, fetch the coal, and light the fires.
  • Fetch deeds baskets containing the very heavy ledgers from the ‘strong-room’ (accessed across an outside yard that became a watercourse in wet weather).
  • Review ledgers as required at sloping wall desks while sitting on very ‘Dickens-like’ high leather-topped square stools.
  • Write using their feathers, ink and parchment paper, and deliver documents by hand.
  • Purchase a cigar for Mr Russell at 5.45pm then head home.
A Jackson Russell lawyer in 2021…
  • Arrive 8.30am and make a coffee.
  • Turn on the computer.

  • Review documents at their ergonomically-designed workstations.
  • Type, email, read, phone and send information using their computers and mobile phones.

  • On Fridays share a drink with colleagues and head home around 5.30pm.

Level 13, 41 Shortland Street, Auckland 1010, New Zealand

PO Box 3451, Auckland 1140, New Zealand

+64 9 303 3849

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