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Our expertise

It is always best to know your rights and deal with problems before they become serious. We provide a range of services and advice designed to ensure that you get the most out of your employment. These include helping you with:

Contracts and Entitlements

  • The terms of employment agreements before you accept an offer
  • Remuneration packages, incentive and bonus schemes, employee share or option plans, superannuation and Kiwisaver
  • Negotiation with your employer
  • Restraints of trade
  • Health and Safety
  • ACC
  • Holidays

Workplace Relations

  • Bullying
  • Sexual, racial and other forms of harassment
  • Unfair treatment
  • Stress claims

Disciplinary and Dismissal

  • Providing representation at disciplinary meetings
  • Personal Grievance Claims for dismissal or disadvantage
  • 90 day trial period issues
  • Claims for unpaid wages, commission, or holiday pay
  • Restraint of trade and breach of confidentiality claims
  • Performance management issues
  • Restructuring or redundancy process
  • Reviewing decisions made by ACC

How we can help with your employment agreement

You are entitled to independent legal advice before you sign an Employment Agreement offered by someone you are thinking of working for.  We have legally qualified lawyers with years of experience in looking over agreements and advising on what should go in, come out, or be changed in any document you are asked to sign.
Don’t take the chance that everything is “standard”.  Agreements can restrict what you can and can’t do, not just while you are employed by someone but afterwards as well.  We can identify the problem areas and help you with any negotiations you need.

How we can help with disputes

What you need is to understand your rights and have someone you trust to sort out your dispute for the least cost possible.  Most employment disputes can be resolved through negotiation with the employer/the employer’s lawyer whether direct or through Mediation at the Ministry of Business, Innovation & Employment.  Our team of legally qualified lawyers has achieved successful and cost effective results for the vast majority of our clients through direct negotiations and the Mediation process.
In the few cases where agreement cannot be reached we have the experience and expertise to run your case through the Employment Relations Authority or Employment Court, ensuring the case is handled as efficiently and cost effectively as possible.  We will make sure that you know what to expect and what is happening every step of the way.
What our clients are saying...
"I would like to thank Glenn Finnigan for his support and efficiency in dealing with my case.  He understood my situation and ensured the overall outcome was what I would be happy with.  His professionalism was amazing and his ability to resolve my situation in the quick manner he did meant I could get back on track and put an unfortunate situation behind me.
I am grateful, and very appreciative - my expectations were definitely exceeded.  I would highly recommend Glenn and Jackson Russell to anyone needing employment advice. Thanks again Glenn for everything."  
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