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Employment Update: Good Faith After Termination Case Study

Written by Glenn Finnigan, PARTNER on December 5th, 2011.    

The Employment Relations Authority at Auckland has recently released a decision in the case of Manoharan & Anor v The Chief Executive of Waiariki Institute of Technology. The main issue in the case was whether the dismissal of two employees for serious misconduct was unjustified based on a procedural error. The more unusual feature of the case is that, following the filing of the claim for unjustified dismissal, the employer sent an email to its remaining employees instructing them not to provide the dismissed pair with any support (with regard to their claim).
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90 Day Trial Periods: New Case Enforces Strict Compliance

Written by Glenn Finnigan, PARTNER on December 1st, 2011.    

In the case of Blackmore v Honick Properties Limited the Employment Court has bolstered the “strict interpretation” approach taken to 90 day trial periods.  For employers (particularly small businesses) this means that there are several technical requirements which you need to comply with in order for your 90 day trial period to be effective.
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